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A paper inside the cover of Nora (Tallman) Balls Bible with the dates of births of the children of John James Tallman & Sarah Ann (Newton) Tallman.  First and probably the only documentation confirming all of them including what appears to be their last child being still born 1 February 1844 with no given name.

Tallman Bible 03Tallman Bible 02

J = Joseph Feb 1st 1831; M= Mary March 19th 1832; C= Charlotte Nov 18th 1833; S= Susan May 20 1835; A= Addie July 5 1837; J= John Aug 3 1838; R= Ruth Jun 7 1840; S= Solomon March 26th 1841; M= Maria Jun 3rd 1842; T= Trustum Feb 1st 1844; J= James June 6th 1845; infant = Jun 14th 1847



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