Found… a new Cousin

I recently was able to locate a cousin I knew was out there but, has taken persistence and a little patience to track down.  Carol (Tallman) Bivens, her father was retired Naval Capt. Donald Rex Tallman a 1921 graduate of the Naval Academy.  Don was Captain of the “Flagship Teton” during the invasion of Okinawa.  Don’s father William Henry had served as Captain in the 2nd Michigan Cavalry during the Civil War.  Carol and her husband Pat live in northern California.

2 thoughts on “Found… a new Cousin”

  1. My father, Lt. Jg. Clark McAdams Neily, of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, served under Capt. Tallman on the Teton and always spoke very highly of him. At Capt. Tallman’s request my father researched material bearing on the name Teton, and came up with a poem about the Grand Tetons “rising ever undaunted…” “Ever Undaunted” became the ship’s motto, and my father’s during the remainder of his life.

  2. My 3x great grandfather was William Henry Tallman, who also served in the civil war. I have his original discharge papers and he was only a Private out of Ohio. I am wondering though how our two William Henrys might be connected. Any information you might have would be appreciated.

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